2017年7月14日 星期五

[Spark meeting #424] We uploaded those photos to our fan page

Dear Sparks and guests,

It was so happy to have all of you to attend our meeting yesterday! I believed you brought some useful tips home and might start to structure your next speech.

We uploaded those photos to our fan page. The link of the album is

Hope to see you on our next meeting!

2017年7月9日 星期日

[Spark TMC] Special Workshop on July 13th meeting

Dear Spark members and most welcome guest,

This is Sherry Lee speaking, and I'm glad to announce a good news for everyone. 
Spark TMC will have a Special Workshop prepared by Carol Lin(林惠君) for our first meeting on July 13th in the new officer term.🎉

Carol Lin is from 中興新村中文演講會, she comes all the way from Nantou only to give us a wonderful workshop.
She will share with us how to prepare a speech, and the tips of making a good speech.
Carol Lin not only got 4 champions in speech contests in District 67, she is also an experienced trainer in different associations. 

This is definitely a great chance to learn from the professional to become a professional speaker.

According to our new president Christina's personal experience, Carol's speech will make you laugh to tears, and you will never forget what she said!

Save the date and enjoy the joy! 

Let's have a wonderful meeting again.🍻

Please find the attached agenda and flyers for our next meeting.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in Spark TMC.😉

Kind Regards, 
Sherry Lee

VPE of Spark Toastmasters Club 2017/18
Mobile: 0987-087-208


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2017年7月5日 星期三

[Spark TMC] 7/13 我們有特別講座唷!! 快來參加!!!

Spark 將於7/13有場特別的演講


是的, 這是篇中文的演講唷!! 這也是Spark近年來唯一的一篇中文演講!!


我們家可愛的新社長Christina Chang在春季大會的時候特別邀請來的中文演講冠軍,她特別從南投上來,就為了講這篇演講,這是個非常難能可貴的機會!!!


很多人都在問我這個特別的講座到底是要講什麼? 根據我們得到的情報,這篇演講真的是老少咸宜!

如果你跟我一樣, 思緒老是便祕擠不出東西, 擠出來的東西不知道要怎麼樣變得吸引人, 那你絕對適合來聽這場!

或者是你對於演講這件事情一直是仰之彌高, 總覺得自己缺了點甚麼, 那你更應該要來!


根據Christina的經驗, 她的演講會讓你笑到肚子痛,笑到眼淚直流,你絕對不會忘記她講的東西!


這是個很難得的機會, 請大家一起來聽!! 錯過這次你會哭昏在廁所裡, 不要怪我沒有通知你!


如果你不能來的話, 請幫我們宣傳一下!



! 怕忘記時間? 那就請點




或者, Spark 的官方Line提醒你吧!

Line ID:@rwd7656v



Susan Chang

Spark's VPPM   2017-2018

Fanspage: https://www.facebook.com/Sparktoastmastersclub/

2017年6月25日 星期日

[Spark TMC] Thank you for coming on Jun 22nd

Dear Friends and Sparks,


We had a wonderful and meaningful night on Jun 22nd.


We got some ancient Egypt knowledge via the meeting theme. For prepared speakers, Freda let us know the beauty of Bamboo Lake. Now, we know how to plan our trips, yes, search "Bamboo Lake & Tony". And Sharon read a fantastic story; we even sang the songs together with her.


Thanks for Ron, he held an important session for us, the discharge and installation ceremony. Thanks for our old officer team. Without them, we won't have such a great year! And our new officer team will lead us and cross over every challenge.


Wow, we also had lots of guests! We uploaded photos in our Facebook Fanpage.



And, don't forget our next meeting!!
We will have a special workshop on July 13th. We invited the champion of Toastmaster Chinese speech contest and she will let you know how to prepare a brilliant speech.(In Chinese!)


We will keep you in the loop! Please save the day for us!

See you next time!

2017年6月23日 星期五

[Spark TMC] 嗨! 有個特別的講座唷!!



Spark 將於7/13有場特別的演講😎


演講主題: 給我一篇演講

演講內容: 教你如何將腦袋的思緒化為一篇演講, 還會分享她準備大大小小演講的技巧


時間: 7/13 7:00PM – 9:00PM
演講的時間大概是1小時,但前面有些Toastmaster固定的介紹流程以及後面有Table topic等單元,總體就是2小時)

語言: 中文


是的這是篇中文的演講唷!! 這也是Spark近年來唯一的一篇中文演講!!😍


我們家可愛的新社長Christina Chang在春季大會的時候特別邀請來的中文演講冠軍,她特別從南投上來,就為了講這篇演講,





2013 中文幽默演說全國冠軍
2015 中文指定演說全國冠軍
2016 台語即席演說全國冠軍
2017 中文即席演說全國冠軍

根據Christina的經驗, 她的演講會讓你笑到肚子痛,笑到眼淚直流,你絕對不會忘記她講的東西!


如果你不能來的, 請幫我們宣傳一下!
這是個很難得的機會, 請大家一起來聽!! 不要錯過這個好機會啊!!!😜


! 怕忘記時間? 那就請點




或者, Spark 的官方Line提醒你吧!

Line ID:@rwd7656v

有任何問題歡迎跟我們連繫唷!  😻

Susan Chang 

Spark's VPPM   2017-2018

Fanspage: https://www.facebook.com/Sparktoastmastersclub/ 

2017年6月22日 星期四

[Spark TMC] Come and join with us tonight!!! Final agenda for your reference.

Hi! My dear members and friends,


We will have a meeting tonight!!

The meeting theme is Egypt.


No matter you want to discover some secrets or attend our special ceremony, please grip you chance and join us tonight!


Here is final agenda for your reference. If you have any questions, please let us know!


By the way, if assignment takers haven't replied the TME's Questions, please kindly answer it as soon as possible.


Ho! By the way, don't forget your CC and CL manual!


See you tonight!

2017年6月18日 星期日

[Spark TMC] Spark's coming meeting on Jun 22nd and special event!

Hi! Dear Sparks and friends,


Time goes by!
Our regular meeting is coming sooooooooooon!

This time, we will travel through the time, back to the ancient time and have a fascinating adventure. Wow! Wait a min!!! Who's coming?

Ho!! Beware!! It's Imhotep and Ahmanet princess!! And the Mummies!! Oh! Are we cursed?


Haha!! Don't worry; it's our meeting theme - Egypt!


This is my dream theme ever! I love the Egyptian mythology and the artifacts since I was little. Although it is so complicated that I never remember all the gods and goddess name, I love the mysterious atmosphere and the stories. We won't have a book of dead or a book of life. However, we do have our own enchanting events and will delight your mind.


Our Bryian will be our TME. He is a devoting father for his two little princesses. He will conduct the meeting and introduce Spark and Toastmaster for you. For our prepared speeches, Freda will redo her "C" speech again and make her base stronger and we can learn lots of technic from her. Sharon will deliver her A10 – read a story for us. A10!! What a milestone for her! Let's enjoy these wonderful speeches.


Besides our charming TME and speakers, we will have an important ceremony! The office discharge and installation! Wow!! What a wonderful day for our old officer team also is a beginning for our New officer team. Don't you want to know who will take this huge challenge in our next term and what he or she will plan for Spark? Come and attend this significant moment with us!

Ron will conduct this session. He is an experienced officer of Sparkle and he always has our back when we need him.


For our Evaluation session, we have Tien Mou's IPP, Josephine as our GE, a big man from area H, Eric, as our LE, and president of Pega Pega, David as our IE. What a strong team we will have in this meeting!


Last but not least, our Jefferson, a talent man, will be our Timer. New member, Frank will be our Ah counter. Yebo will be our vote counter. Their jobs are through the whole meeting and make sure our meeting will run smoothly.


So, my dear members and friends, come to join us on Jun 22nd. Let's go the Egypt together and move forward with our new officer team!


Enclosed please find our draft agenda for your reference.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


See you in Spark!

Susan Chang, Spark's VPM 2016 – 2017