2018年2月19日 星期一

[Spark TMC] Welcome to Spark and Sparkle No.439 joint meeting on 2/22

Dear Spark, Sparkle members, and the most welcome guests,

Happy Chinese New Year!🎉
Does everyone have a wonderful Chinese New Year holiday with families?

When families gather together, the atmosphere is always lively and happy.
However, sometimes being alone can also enjoy personal time.

Our meeting theme this time is "Together or Alone"

Do you prefer spending time with friends or enjoying your time alone? 
What's the reason you like to stay with friends or be alone?

Attached is the agenda for 2/22 meeting, come and share your opinion with us.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon. 😉

Kind Regards, 
Sherry Lee

VPE of Spark Toastmasters Club 2017/18
Mobile: 0987-087-208


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2018年2月9日 星期五

[Spark TMC] We upload our photos. Happy New Year!!!

Hi, My dear Sparks and Friends,


We uploaded our photos! Please check via below link,



Thanks for Jenny, she brought lots of spring couplets and we all can get one!

Also, the Blessing Market was interesting; I have heard that some questions were so difficult so the Angles couldn't find a proper advice for that guy. And I also heard that someone received a wonderful suggestion and would like to follow it.


Our Sparkers and IEs were all brilliant. I love Iris story, it was interesting and vivid. Mandy's speech brought me back to my darkness school life and remind me how happy I am. Sherry's speech encourages me that sometimes we need to be crazy and insist so we can get some marvelous result and have a remarkable experience.

IEs gave all speakers lots of positive advice for their improvement. Love you soooo much.

All in all, thanks for your coming. If you missed our meeting last night, don't worry, we will back and have some special event soon. That's the way we do!


Happy New Year!

Wish you have a prosper year!
Susan Chang
Spark's VPPR 2017-2018

2018年2月6日 星期二

[Spark TMC] Welcome to Spark No. 438 meeting on 2/8

Dear Spark members and Friends,

The Chinese New Year Holiday is just around the corner. 
This coming meeting will be the last meeting before the "DOG" year. 
According to Spark's tradition, we always have some different things to celebrate Lunar New Year Holiday!

First, it's our meeting theme. The meeting theme is "Blessing". 
We always bring our greeting and blessing to our good friends and families. 
Come and see what our brilliant assignment takers will share with us.

The other thing, we will combine our Variety session and Table topic session, to have a "Blessing Market". 
The purpose is that wish you can carry lots of blessing and greeting with you and have a good year. 
We will let you know how to play this special market during our meeting. Join us, or you might lose lots of fun!

And, don't forget to find our agenda as the attachment.
Book Feb 8th night on your calendar and have a warm night with Spark!

Looking forward to seeing you in Spark!
Happy Lunar New Year Holiday.🍻

Kind Regards, 
Sherry Lee

VPE of Spark Toastmasters Club 2017/18
Mobile: 0987-087-208


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2018年2月1日 星期四

[Spark TMC] Toastmaster learning system 改版!

如果你還在Toastmaster 系統內學習, 這篇內容請一定要看完,因為Toastmaster的學習系統將要大改版了!

感謝Pathways推廣大使Angel Li,(DTM)的工作坊,影片網址如下:
台灣預計大概是4月中會導入新的系統,一切都可以在總會的網站上操作包含如何做這篇演講,如何講評等等的都會在新的會員中心(Base Camp). Pathway內的成就稱號也跟舊系統不一樣,詳情請看影片
  1. 利用2年把要獲得DTM的所需工作全部做完!
  2. 把手上的演講講到一段落換新系統
  3. 直接換上新系統
Susan Chang
Spark’s VPPR 2017-2018

2018年1月26日 星期五

[Spark TMC] We upload the photos. Will have specail event on Feb 8th

Dear Spark and Friends,

We just upload the photos from last night meeting.

It was a fantastic night with energetic members & guests and laughing.
Since we had some new guests, Christina introduced the whole organization simple but clear. Betty, as the VS master, she tested our reactions and weak us up successfully. It was a brilliant game! You can tell we were panic but had fun during the game in the photos!

Also, all prepare speakers and IEs make last night complete. Especially team Frank Chen and Koki! Frank not only introduced an APP but also connected with our daily life. Koki evaluated him by various body movements so we could get the message easily.

All in all, we had a wonderful night. See you at our next meeting.

Nest meeting, we will have a small activity for celebrating Lunar New Year Holiday. Be sure booking Feb 8th and come to Spark.

Looking forward to seeing you again!
Love you!
Susan Chang, Spark's VPPR 2017-2018

2018年1月23日 星期二

[Spark TMC] Welcome to Spark No.437 meeting on Jan 25th

Dear Spark member and most welcome guest,

We will have a regular meeting again on this Thursday, Jan 25th.
The meeting theme this time is "Goals"

I believe everyone joins Toastmasters have their own goals. 
Let's fulfill this goal by attending this Thursday's meeting.

Save the date and enjoy the joy! 
Let's have a wonderful meeting again.🍻

See you all on 1/25.😎

Kind Regards, 
Sherry Lee

2018年1月16日 星期二

[Spark TMC] We upload the photos! Next meeting is Jan 25th.

Dear Sparks and Guests,


We, Uploaded the photos!!!



Ya… So sorry for the delay. Our last meeting theme was "the word of 2018".

For the first meeting of 2018, we won't make any promises or determination for this whole New Year, but give our wishes and hopes for this marvelous year. We shared lots of things.


By the way, our only but fantastic speaker – Christina, showed us how to make more money and how the important to find what your customers' real needs. If you missed her speech, don't worry, you may see her at our next meeting and ask her details.


Our next meeting is Jan 25th. As usual, we will have something new, and something old to make our meeting colorful.

Looking forward to seeing you in Spark!


Susan Chang

Spark's VPPR 2017-2018